Friday, August 1, 2008

VoxHumanaProd at YouTube

VHP joined YouTube on July 27th, 2008 with ´VoxHumanaProd´ as the logical accountname:

VHP produces small video´s, they cannot be longer than the 10 minutes-limit set by YouTube, that share the same basic characteristics:
- typically each uploaded file is a WMV-objectfile,
- the resolution is 640x480 pixels, allowing for high quality output,
- they are all subtitled (in english, french, italian, german and dutch),
- with videocompression MPEG4 (Xvid Codec), and
- with soundcompression MPEG Layer-3, (24kHz, stereo).

Now, VHP-material has already been published in 2008 at the OdeonNijmegen-channel:
Now remember, the latter channel is in dutch whilst the VoxHumanaProd-channel is in english so as to be able to reach out to the anglo-american-australian-indian etc. community meanwhile hoping that they will appreciate my video-endavours.

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