Friday, August 1, 2008

The Trilogy (part 1.) Confusion

After having watched Gehn's Speech for the first time, after solving a couple of riddles built into the adventure-game Riven, I was astounded and flabbergasted: the beauty of the anglo-lingo of it. (Riven comes with 5 CD-ROM's and the fifth is Riven.)
This inspired me to analyse and learn the UK-english text by heart. This took a while, believe me, but I succeeded to memorize the full 7 minutes-monologue. This never proved to be easy, still, I performed it twice in public: during the premiere in Merleyn in December 2001 and at the Steigertheater in April 2002. The second performance was quite a learning experience to me regarding the relationship performer-audience.

Take a look at the video, sit back and try to grasp the beauty of this splendid text, feel the tension and the danger that mr. Gehn poses to his audence. . .

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