Friday, August 1, 2008

The Trilogy (2001)

In 2001 I started writing this piece and learning it by heart, most of the texts are still in my mind, ready for uttering. . .
There has been one performance only at Merleyn Nijmegen NL. The try-out proved reasonably succesful (but I quit performing on stage for years after june 2002).

The Trilogy is an english play with a couple of languages intermingled, like a patchwork:
  • Part 1 Confusion (uk-english)
    Character: Gehn from Riven, the game.

  • Part 2 EUROlogy (uk, fr, it, de and nl)
    Characters: mr. Teacher (uk, a severe rightwing-Tory) and Watson (a young english gentleman with a funny french accent).

  • Part 3 Revelation (us-english)
    Characters: mr. Teacher and Watson and introducing Rev.Rascall (Atlanta, GA).

The texts can be found here.

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